The city of Austin is surrounded by sprawling hill country perfect for an outdoor wedding. Kali Kate Ranch in Buda, Texas served as the spectacular backdrop for the stunning wedding between Kara and Garrett. The bride and groom spoke their own romantic vows while the sun gently set behind them. The couple celebrated with a mixed Protestant and Jewish wedding that included breaking glass and being hoisted into the air in chairs as part of the grand celebration.

Kali Kate offers one of the best setups I’ve seen for guests to enjoy a sunset wedding, followed by a reception under an oversized open-air pavilion.  You’ll see in the wedding film just how unique and perfectly decorated this venue is.  It features a natural wooden bar for cocktail hour and a massive stone fireplace for warmth during the chilly October night of Kara and Garrett’s wedding.

The thing I loved most about this wedding was the enthusiasm and energy of all the guests. Every toast and every smile displayed how deeply happy it made everyone to see Kara and Garrett wed.


Photography - Michelle Lonconto

Venue - Kali Kate