I could list a hundred reasons why I became a wedding videographer. But the simple truth is that I love telling stories through film

Seven years ago I picked up a camera and haven't looked back. I started shooting a little video work here and there in high school, then in college I got a little more serious and found an internship in film. The company I worked for shot weddings and I learned the basic skills of how to edit and tell stories. Then I graduated from college and started shooting weddings on my own.

Fast forward a few years and in 2015 I shot close to 20 weddings

I had no idea filming weddings would be my full-time gig, but I've fallen in love with being a wedding videographer.

Here are a few reasons why:

Getting to know the clients, their wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. Most weddings have a similar format, but it's the individuals that make the stories. I've never filmed a wedding with two couples that are alike. Being able to follow their story and learn more about them, capturing their day based on what I know about them is always a challenge and inspiration. Doing it in a way that feels authentic and individualized for them is the goal.

I get to make short films for people they'll keep and share for the rest of their lives. Below you can see some of the videos I shot this year for clients. Every time I upload one of these videos to Facebook, I get to see the reaction of the bride and groom as they share them with a few thousand of their closest friends and family (I say a few thousand because that's typically how many views it will get).

I'm constantly entertained. People at weddings never disappoint. There's always the awesome groomsman who never gets off the dance floor or the bridesmaid who won't stop crying (happy tears).