You've spent countless hours working hard to plan the perfect wedding - between the Googling, reading reviews on The Knot, and meeting with your vendors, you have a big question on your mind: "Why choose this vendor?" 

I answer that question very simply for all my clients - I approach your wedding just like I would a feature film.  Your story is unique from every other couple I've worked with, and I want to feature y'alls story in a creative and unique manner!  I spend time getting to know you and your fiance in-person (when possible!) or by Skype/Phone before your wedding, so I can come in with my crew on your wedding day and get straight to work. 

So what makes my films different than others in the industry?

I'll film your wedding using technical methods and techniques I've learned over the years in the film industry.  Think of the difference between what you see from your camera phone and on the screen at a movie theater - that's the difference I'm after.  I've invested in high-quality and modern camera equipment and audio gear to make sure your day is captured at the quality you expect and deserve!


Additionally, I use many specialized tools from the film industry to add movement and added quality to your film! You'll see me lead-shooting your wedding day with a pretty cool camera stabilization rig (See image to the right), which allows me to get perfectly smooth cinematic shots you see in all my trailers.  Each of my crew will be filming on various other specialized tools such video monopods, sliders, drones, (and even large jibs at times) to get awe inspiring shots of your venue, ceremony, and all the little details you've worked so hard on!  

My team is well trained on the technical aspects and techniques with all my gear, to ensure you get the absolute best film. 

Take a look at some of my favorite films and contact me to talk more about videography for your big day!