I've found myself in quite a few rainy weddings as a videographer over the years.  However, as I think back through some of the stories, my favorite memory was actually the time I was the best man for my best friends wedding.   It had been pretty sunny throughout the day, and there was a slight chance of rain for the afternoon, yet moments after the ceremony started, a torrential downpour began. The wedding party was covered by a gazebo (fortunately), however the guests went running for the overhang of the nearby building. Some tears were initially shed, however the wedding went on and it was absolutely beautiful.  While you can't control the weather, you can certainly plan for it!

Texas wouldn't be it's normal self without a little bit of unpredictable weather, and if you've planned your wedding ceremony to be outdoors, be sure to make a backup plan for rain on your wedding day.

For starters, no need to fret! Your beautiful wedding day will go on and you'll get to spend it with your family, friends, and new spouse! You'll need to consider secondary plans for everything from transportation from your preparation room to the venue, alternate wedding venue sites, post-ceremony photography locations, and when to make the call to go to plan B.

The Plan B

1. Make a plan and stick to it

I have filmed at many outdoor weddings over the years where rain sneaks it's way into the forecast.  The one thing I can't stress enough is to make a good plan - and stick with it.  Knowing exactly what you want as a backup will make your day much more enjoyable, as you won't be scrambling to figure out the next steps

2. Let your vendors help

You hired professionals for a reason - We've worked through these situations before, and know exactly what to do to make your wedding day great.  First, talk with your wedding venue. Most venue's that offer outdoor sites will already have a backup plan in place for inclement weather.  This could include moving to their indoor spaces, putting up a canopy, or some other arrangements.  Any well-run venue should be capable of handling these situations without causing you much stress!

Obviously, your photographer and videographer will need to make some adjustments as well for lighting, sound, and keeping our equipment dry - but again, we've been there and are prepared to make adjustments.  These situations allow us the incentive and freedom to be more creative when a challenge is thrown our way.

3. Embrace it!

While you can't change the weather, you can make the best out of your rainy plans!  Bring some extra umbrellas, and don't be afraid to get a little damp!  Some seriously awesome things happen in the video and photography world when it's overcast. The colors get more saturated, things glisten in the light, and everyone laughs just a little more through the comradery of running through the rain.